Career Resources

Upliftjobs is a leading job search portal and here we try to provide all the resources which can help our members in finding a job which suits them the best. With the growing competition in the industry, it is essential to enhance your skills so that you may grab your dream job. There are various tools and resources available on our portal which are designed for our members to make their search easy. Have a look at our one stop shop -

Career Services

Upliftjobs is committed to offer best of the services for its members and users. The company has got a portfolio which encourages all the leading companies to use its services. For the members, we have enlisted all the companies and recruiters who have any openings in their respective organizations. The sorted out list - as per the post, salary, job location, job profile, etc, have been provided at the portal itself so that the members may get the best of the knowledge about the job opportunities available in different countries.

Resume Designing

A resume is considered to be the most important part of any job selection. The first impression on any employer carries the best weight and if an aspirant is losing in this segment, there can be a higher risk of the selection. What we suggest is, take help from an expert. Upliftjobs has a team of experts who carry experience and knowledge about the in-depth job selection procedure and understand what an employer is looking for. To ensure that your first impression creates the best impression on the recruiter, our experts can design a professional resume for you. Every industry and job profile has different requirements and to put your strengths in the best possible way through your resume, it requires a professional hand to enhance your selection chances.

Career booster

Looking for a power boost in your career? Well, Upliftjobs has a list of courses which can give a boost in your career which nothing else can give. The specially designed courses are offered to keep the tough competition and the requirements recruiters are looking in aspirants these days. Since educational qualification and experience is not just enough, our programs enhance the required skills and make you eligible for big companies and your dream job.

Resume Highlighter

This facility is for the aspirants who are registered as a member and have opted for paid membership program. If a member selects this service, Upliftjobs would highlight his/her resume in the priority list. This way, the resume flashes on the first page of the aspirants suitable for a particular job profile. The highlighted resumes are easy to catch the attention of the recruiters and surely prove to be a pro for the job seeker.

Research Reports

For the convenience of the members, Upliftjobs keeps on posting the market trends and research reports. These research reports usually deal with the growth, salaries, and opportunities available in different industries. Such reports help the member to know if it is the right time to switch the current company or to ask for a better appraisal. Also, if you are a fresher, you can easily know about the scope in different sectors to start your career. Since these reports are based on intensive research, experience, and data collection, the members can have the best knowledge about the trends of any industry.

Expert videos

Upliftjobs has various teams of experts which can assist the members in enhancing their skills, update and design their resumes in the most efficient way. To help the members in enhancing their chances of getting selected for their dream job, Upliftjobs has uploaded videos, which can help the members in achieving their goals. The members can go through these videos at their convenience and gain more confidence for their upcoming interviews and learn the latest trends.


Just like videos, Upliftjobs portal has a section where the experts have posted articles on various subjects related to job searches, market trends, negotiations with the recruiters and interview tips. The members can check these expert articles and enhance their confidence. Since the experts keep on posting the articles for the guidance of the members frequently, it is advised to check them regularly so that the members may have updated knowledge.