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Career Tools That Help You In Finding Jobs

As a pioneer online job search portal, Upliftjobs offer the best available facilities to help you in finding a good job, a job which suits you best. There are jobs available in every sector whether it's banking or marketing, sales or writing. But what makes you eligible and fall in the criteria of the recruiter? These days, educational qualification is not the only thing, which can attract the recruiter to hire you. Skill is the key factor which recruiters look in and there are tools which can enhance your skills and let the recruiter know that you are The Right Person for the job. Also, we have tools which can make you more confident to face the bombardment of questions from the recruiter. Have a quick look at the tools, which Upliftjobs offers you for self-assessment and enhance your chances to get hired -

Job Search Tool - So, whether you are looking for a job in domestic or in the international market and you are a fresher or an experienced professional, Upliftjobs has a database, which can help you in finding the right job. We have a keyword based job search tool which can offer you all the available job options with just an appropriate keyword and a click. Our job search tool is well managed to target the specific type of job seekers, locations, and occupations so that you may find all the information and opportunities based on your requirement and not have to filter it on every step.

Interview Prep Tools - Most of the aspirants have a high educational qualification but lack the confidence. We have innovative interview prep tools which can help you gaining the lost confidence back. Upliftjobs has a team of expert which can help you in presenting yourself in a professional manner in front of the recruiter so that you may not only convert the interview but impress your future employer. For this facility, all you need is to register on our portal and set up a webcam so that you can record your mock interviews. Our panel of experts can review these interviews and give you tips to improve.

Networking Tools - Now this is one important tool, which is very practical and preferred these days. Since not everyone is that social or probably can't find out that much time to make connections upfront, Upliftjobs do it for you. We have a team, which uses all the popular networking sites to connect the aspirant with the recruiter. Enhancing your career is our sole motive and our experts leave no stone unturned to settle you in the best available job up to your satisfaction. With us, you can connect with industry experts and business partners or even have an in-depth career conversation and mock interviews with alumni advisor network. Our vast network is capable of encouraging your skills at your time convenience.

Learning Tools - Learning is a lifelong process and to ensure that you learn to get ready to face the throat-cut competition, Upliftjobs provide learning tools. Whether it is a short course to update your skills or the latest learning trolling in the market, the aspirants can learn the real-world skills and gain knowledge just like a classroom course. If you are looking for a course with certification, that facility is also available at our portal as we have collaboration with renowned institutes. Upliftjobs keeps on updating its learning tools section so that the aspirants have an updated list of courses and skills to nail their dream jobs in no time.

CV Builder - You would agree that the prospective employer makes his/her first impression about the aspirant with the glance on the CV. Surely you would like to present the brief about yourself in an efficient manner to impress the recruiter. But are you sure that the way you are presenting your CV is impressive enough? Upliftjobs has experts in its team who can design a professional CV while highlighting your strengths, abilities, and skills. In case you have already designed a CV for yourself but not confident enough to present it for a job, our experts can assess the same and let you know your resume quality score.