Upliftjobs understand that there are always some doubts amongst the members or users which they would like to solve before trusting someone, especially when it is related to their career. Here we are with the frequently asked questions and their answers –

Are you a registered company?

Yes, indeed. We are a registered online portal with permission to provide job opportunities to the aspirants.

Does a member have to register before using your services?

Not necessarily. If you just want to browse to check out the opportunities available in different industries, you can do the same as a visitor. But, if you want to browse and apply for the job openings, registration is a mandate.

Is there any registration charges?

No, Upliftjobs offer from registration for the visitors who want to become a member. Most of the services on the portal are absolutely free and can be availed on free registration. However, there are other services and programs which are on payment basis and the member has to pay for the same to avail them.

What is the age limit to register on Upliftjobs?

The company has not set any upper age limit to apply for any job or to register on the portal. However, the age may be confirmed by the recruiter or can be checked in the job descriptions. Upliftjobs has, however, set a minimum age limit for the registration which is 18 years or above. The job seeker or member should be a minimum of 18 years while registering on the portal. The company doesn’t ask for any age proof during registration and understands that the member is registering after reading the terms & conditions.

What if a member is less than 18 years?

In such cases, the account will be permanently terminated.

Is there any guarantee for the job?

Upliftjobs can only assist in finding you a suitable job. The company offers you various programs and courses to enhance your skills. Also, there is a help center to help you in your search but there is no guarantee given by the portal.

What are the special programs/courses?

Upliftjobs has a team of experts who have designed modules and courses for aspirants to meet the current requirements of the industries. These short courses will enhance the skills of the members so that they may get their dream job in no time.

What are the charges for these courses?

All the courses have different fee structure which you can find with the course details.

Are these courses recognized?

These courses are designed to enhance the skills of the aspirants and help them in finding a better job opportunity. Upliftjobs has a team of experts who design these courses keeping the requirements of the industry in mind. Some of the courses are also recognized by different institutes and universities and the members can get certificates on successfully completing the course/program.

Are the personal details of members safe on Upliftjobs?

Yes, we are committed to the safety and privacy of the personal details shared by the members during\ registration. Members are also requested to keep their login details safe. If anyone found violating the privacy policy of Upliftjobs, legal action would be taken against him/her.

Are the recruiters verified?

Upliftjobs ensures that the companies/ organizations / recruiters listed on its portal are verified. However, if anyone found cheating or violating the rules, legal action would be taken.

What industries you deal in?

We have recruiters from different industries as per their requirements. So there are jobs from hotels to hospitality, airlines to engineers, for freshers and experienced. All you have to do is to mark your preferences and make your job search simplified.

For which cities you offer jobs?

That completely depends on the recruiters and their requirements. We have listed jobs in tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 cities majorly and then in some towns. The job locations are not restricted to India only and we offer overseas opportunities also.

Do you sell data?

No, we share the data with third parties just to fetch more opportunities for our members and help them find better opportunities. Selling data is not our policy and we do not commercially trade the data collected from our members to other portals for any use.