Resignation Sample

It is important for both career and personal point of view to understand when to move on. For career perspective, it is important to move on in the best way possible. A resignation should be complete, polite and helpful because you might be leaving a certain company but resigning in a harsh or absurd manner can still do harm. A resignation is your last impression over your company and just like the first impression, it should be impactful as well.


There are a few key points to keep in mind when submitting a resignation. They are:


Have a formal opening. A resignation is an official letter to your seniors and the company about your will to resign from the job. Therefore, it should be completely formal and should indicate professionalism. It should indicate the behaviour you have adopted from the company.


Provide genuine reasons for quitting. Clearly state the reason for leaving the job. You should seem confident about the decision of leaving and should clearly write why you intend to leave be it better opportunity or further studies.


Abide to company rules. A resignation should contain your agreement to serve full notice as per company policy. You should not request the seniors to cut your notice period unless it is completely important to. If there is no defined period of notice in your company, then you should comply with your colleagues to stay in the company until all the responsibilities and tasks are completed or transferred to designated person.


Be Helpful. Do mention in your resignation that you are completely willing to help others during notice period. Show complete professionalism and responsibility in the mail and agree to finish all the tasks assigned to you. Transfer ownership of whatever documents or files to the designated staff to avoid inconvenience later or provide the steps to do so.


Be Professional. Do not use emotional language in the mail. Do not use everyday phrases and broken language. An official letter should be formally written and should reflect professionalism. Be wary of grammar and put all the adjectives and articles at the right places. Be respectful to colleagues and the company.


Avoid Hatred. Even if you had a bad time at the company or did not get well with any employee, do not let those emotions in the mail. These kind of lines depict complete unprofessionalism and rather harm your image than the company’s.


Proof read. Do re-read your mail before sending it. Check out all the elements twice before sending the mail. Add everything stated above and remove anything that might sound controversial.


A good resignation letter will reflect your personality. It will show that you learnt a lot in the company and are leaving as a better and mature professional. Show yourself as a valuable asset to the company and leave with pride.

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