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A resume defines what you are and what you have accomplished. It is a self advertisement that defines your skills, strengths, achievements and awards. Mostly associated with job application, a resume is your first impression to a company and therefore, should be the best. 


At the first sight of your resume, one notices the text. Therefore, it is important to use the right fonts in the resume. Alongwith fonts, font size also matter a lot. Small fonts might be difficult to read while large fonts would look childish. A basic font like Calibri or Arial is preferred while writing a resume and a font size of 11 or 12 looks good. Keep in mind the spacing between texts and lines. Irregular or very less spacing will make a resume look cluttered which leaves a bad impression. Bold or underline important text that you want to highlight but keep it in check. 


The head of the resume should contain your name and contact information like address, phone number, and e-mail. Name should be slightly larger than all remaining text after all it's all about you. Try using the same font to write your name and keep the font size around 16. Do put an extra phone number just in case you are not available on one.  


There are mainly 3 kinds of resumes format; Chronological, Functional and Combination. Chronological resumes show your work experience in a timeline order. They include improvement in skill set and responsibility over time. Functional resumes are focused on skills which one might have acquired by different measures other than past jobs. Combination resumes are a combination of both kinds of resumes.


Start the body by providing an objective. What you want to achieve and how? A one or two line description will do good. Then write down your educational qualifications with years and grades. If you still haven't graduated, just write down expected graduation date.


Write down your experience in all the fields. This will include everything you have done in past. No matter what field, do put up all your experiences and do keep in mind the time span of the jobs. A small description about each job would look nice.


Provide your skillset. It may be about the tools you expertise in or special skills you have acquired during work hours. This will also include the languages you are fluent with. Fluency in several languages can be a plus point in client related jobs. If you have some certifications, do mention them as well.


If you have been referred by anyone during the previous jobs, mention it in the last of the resume. Do mention their contact as this might be important and the referral will look genuine this way.


A lot of people tend to write their personal information in the end of the resume. This information is mostly useless for job point of view and should be avoided. It just elongates a resume which is not a good practice. A resume should be brief and should cover all major details. Providing useless information in a resume will only make it look bad.

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