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Terms & Conditions - Upliftjobs

The page under ‘Terms & Conditions’ title states that you are using this online job search and skills enhancement portal and indicating your acceptance with the terms of Upliftjobs.com.

Please read this page carefully. If you are not willing to accept the terms stated herein, please do not use or register with our services. The company may revise the terms & conditions as per convenience and law of the country. It is advised that the visitors or members should visit this page periodically as the company is not liable to remind you or send notifications about any changes in the terms.

Please note that users/visitors/members who violate the terms set by Upliftjobs would be terminated or suspended.


To use the services and products of Upliftjobs, the visitor or member should be at least 18 years of age. The user may confirm the same while accepting the Terms of Use and, as the company is not liable to ask for any age proof, your acceptance would be considered as the proof of your age. With this acceptance, the user has right to browse and apply for jobs and products offered by Upliftjobs only if the user abides by the Terms.

Using Material

Upliftjobs authorize the users to use the content available on its portal for educational and upliftment purpose. If the user is found guilty of using this content in any commercial manner, a legal action would be taken against him/her. This covers the text, graphics, videos, images, button icons, audio files, information, logos and other content which is available under the Upliftjobs portal. The users are not authorized to sell or reproduce any of the above-mentioned content for publicity, display or distribution for the public or commercial purpose.


No user is not authorized to modify, host, publish, transmit, share, destroy, or upload the material on Upliftjobs. If any user is found violating the same, a legal action may be taken against him/her. A user is also not authorized to manipulate, destroy or use content published by any other user on Upliftjobs portal in the context of the services and products offered by the company. Minors are not allowed to use this website and so if someone who is under 18 years of age is found using, the company would not be responsible. Any abusive, illegal or harassing language/content cannot be posted on the portal and the user may be terminated for the same with immediate effect.

Sharing information

While registering on Upliftjobs, a user should understand that it is a job search portal and the company may share some information with the clients in order to help the members in their search. However, the company will not share any personal and confidential information like name, address, email address, contact number, and age initially but other details like educational qualification and skills can be shared with the third parties. Personal details can be shared only after taking consent from the member. If a user is not comfortable with the said condition, he/she is advised not to use the services and products offered by Upliftjobs.


To become a member of Upliftjobs, it is mandatory to register on the portal. The members should keep the details of their account confidential and best of their knowledge. The account details including the password are a responsibility of the account holder and the same should not be shared by the member. If the same is shared or misused due to the negligence of the member, he/she would be solely responsible for the same.

Job Postings

While updating a resume or registering on Upliftjobs, a member is not authorized to hyperlink any content other than specified by the company. Also, any misleading, hidden, repeated keywords or unreadable content is not allowed to post on the portal by any member. It is advised to the members that they should not post any inaccurate, misleading or false information on Upliftjobs as it may lead to suspension of the account. Any irrelevant comments, logos, content, trademark and listing of unauthorized companies are not allowed to post on the website by any user.

Upliftjobs reserve rights to remove or ban any job posting or content from its portal without informing members about the same.